Your First Website

Cat Daddy Package

Show the competition who’s boss!
You’ll need to arm yourself with a website that intimidates your rivals.

What’s Included

With our premium WordPress Theme, GKDD’s main job will be to customize the main styling of your future website. In addition, we host it on our server, provide maintenance, and extensive user support. We will create and organize unlimited pages for your website. You are then free to add or update your own content anytime or ask us to make some quick changes for you!

Personal domain

You will have your own unique .com website.

Hands free

It’s not your job to create content and page layouts, that’s ours!


Unlimited one-on-ones to learn the basics of updating your content.

Let's work together to plan your success

You’ll get the latest web strategies for your needs.

4 Step Process

Cat Daddy Package

You’re one step closer to having your first website. Getting started is easy when you have a furry friend like us!

1. Profile

Get started by creating a profile. A list of questions we’ll need to get to know you and keep in touch.


2. Meet & Greet

We’ll get all warm and fuzzy as we talk about your hopes and dreams for you business.

3. Presentation

We will present a creative brief with milestones, mood board, and scope of work. And the boring legal stuff too.

4. Accept

Yah! Once you approve, we will have your site up as fast as our furry paws can code!

Get Started With a Profile

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