Grooming Special

We know you’re unique. So step it up a notch with a shiny brand identity.


What's Included

You’ll be involved every step of the way. GKDD will analyze your personal preferences and style to create an appropriate face to your brand or company.

Custom logo

Give yourself an attractive identity that speaks to your audience.


You’ll be given a full stationary document setup with raw files. You may also be eligible for special layouts or logo integrations.*

Print services

We will refer you to print shops that fit your needs and budget. Or GKDD will do it for you.*

*additional charges may apply.

Strut your stuff.

Show off your brand with business cards and other stationary options.
Every professional needs a business card!

Grooming Special

4 Step Process

Create a profile for GKDD to keep on record. So we can contact you, know your needs, and what your all about.

Step 1 - Profile

Get started by creating a GKDD profile to better suit your needs.


Step 2 - Contract

After reviewing your profile, a contract will be fitted to your needs and pricing package.

Step 3 - Payment

Review payment options and send out your first payment.

Step 4 -Schedule

A time line will be enforced with the setup process steps expected from GKDD and you.

Why does GKDD need all this information?

Filling out a complete profile will give GKDD a great perspective of your needs, abilities, and reach-ability. Some services may require strict scheduling and can be time sensitive with your brand creation.

Start by filling out a profile or add to an existing one.

New Customer

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Returning Customer

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