Newborn Kitten Package

Great websites for great students!

What's Included

With your choice of a premium theme, GKDD’s main job will be to customize the main styling of your future website. In addition, we host it on our server, provide maintenance, and extensive user support. You are then free to add your own content.

Your personal domain

You will have your own .com site and domain email account.


You won’t pay a third party to store your website.


Sit down one-on-one to learn the basics of updating your content. It’s super easy!


Up to 5 hours of updates or upkeep requests per year.

Low annual cost

For every year you are a student, it only costs $40 to keep your site up and running.


Sell original work or merchandise directly from your website for a one-time $50 fee.

You're talented, intelligent, & driven.

The world just doesn’t know it yet. So what are you waiting for?
Show the world what you have to offer!

Newborn Kitten Package

4 Step Process

Create a profile for GKDD to keep on record. So we can contact you, know your needs, and what your all about.

Step 1 - Profile

Get started by creating a GKDD profile to better suit your web needs.


Step 2 - Contract

After reviewing your profile, a contract will be fitted to your needs and pricing package.

Step 3 - Payment

Review payment options and send out your first payment.

Step 4 -Schedule

A time line will be enforced with the setup process steps expected from GKDD and you.

Why does GKDD need all this information?

Filling out a complete profile will give GKDD a great perspective of your needs, abilities, and reach-ability. Some services may require strict scheduling and can be time sensitive with your website set up.

Get started right now by filling out a profile.

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